Are Yeezys Made In Vietnam? (Everything You Need To Know)

Yeezy, the fashion collab between Adidas and Kanye West, is massively popular. Since its first shoe model was released in early 2015, the line has become a billion-dollar asset. There are now tens of thousands of Yeezys manufactured each year.

If you’re wondering where your Yeezys are made, and if the label telling you points to whether they’re fake or not, I have all the answers. Here’s what I’ve learned about Yeezys being made in Vietnam!

Are 2021 Yeezys Made In Vietnam?

Yeezys are not made in Vietnam in or before 2021. Pairs that state they’re made in the country are almost certainly fake. The label on the interior lining should show you exactly where they’re made and include a 13-digit serial code (made up of letters and numbers) that can help prove their authenticity. Although Adidas does manufacture some of their styles in Vietnam, Yeezys are not one of them.

For more information on where Yeezys are made, including other countries that claim to make them and what the truth actually is, read on!

What country are Yeezys made in?

Authentic and original Yeezys are made in factories in China. The Apache Footwear factory in Guangdong province is a known place of manufacture (according to US-based China Labor Watch). Real Yeezys will say they are “Made in China” on their inside label.

But that doesn’t mean that all Chinese-made Yeezys are real. This is where things get confusing!

Because of China’s massive size and excellent manufacturing industry, many Yeezy fakes are made here also. This is a big reason why people actually buy Yeezys in Vietnam. The reputation for fakes and replicas in China makes some buyers (those who haven’t done their homework), think that those saying they’re “Made in Vietnam” are the real deal instead.

The video below, which focuses on a Chinese factory making replicas, helps highlight this confusion…

Here it’s suggested that there are around 3,000 replica Yeezy’s made in this one Chinese factory per day. You’ll also see the quality and appearance are extremely close to the original.

You can probably bet that the actual process of making authentic Yeezys looks a lot like this!

What other countries claim to make Yeezys?

Besides Vietnam, other countries you might see claiming to make Yeezys include:

  • India
  • Cambodia
  • Philippines

Shoes made in these countries, although they can look, feel and touch very similar to the Yeezys you see in-store in the US, are definitely not genuine.

If you buy shoes in these countries packaged up and claiming to be Yeezys, make sure you do your due diligence. Only buy from reputable retailers who will let you verify, in person, exactly what you’re getting. Never buy online without seeing the shoes first.

The serial number inside the sticker on the right shoe should match that on the box and be made up of numbers and letters. Fake pairs commonly miss this sticker.

Why do my Yeezys say “Made in Vietnam”?

If your Yeezys say this they are definitely fake. What you most likely have is a replica made in Vietnam, designed to closely imitate the shoe but not be actually manufactured or engineered by Adidas themselves.

They probably carry this label because the manufacturer has mistakenly assumed they are made in Vietnam instead of China. Or, as mentioned before, they are trying to pass them off as real based on the reputation China has for making counterfeits and replicas.

Real Yeezys should not say “Made in Vietnam” anywhere on either the shoe or its packaging. Instead, it will say “Made in China” or “Fabrique in China” (the same in French).

Are Yeezy 350 made in India?

No, all styles in the range are made in China. Real Yeezy 350’s, or any other individual style from the range, should say “Made in China” on both packaging, the inner labels, and the inside sticker.

The Yeezy Serial Number Check

To legit check your Yeezys you should scan the barcode on the box. This will filter out 98% of replicas immediately and determine if those you have are real or not. The unique serial code can be checked by apps and services like Legit Check who explain that real shoes will show the exact colorway and size of what you’re testing.

You can also do it directly via websites like and, both of which store UPC/EAN databases.

Do this before you buy Yeezys (when you have access to the shoe and its packaging), and you’ll know for sure if you have a genuine pair or not.


Yeezys saying they are “Made in Vietnam” are fake. Real Yeezys are made in China and state that fact directly on both the label and packaging.

Although Adidas do make some of their shoes in Vietnamese factories, Yeezys are one of the lines they definitely don’t.

Be careful when you buy Yeezys to ensure you’re getting the genuine product by paying close attention to their “Made in” labels. Even those actually made in China can be fake. That’s why it’s a good idea to reference the barcode via web tools and apps to be doubly sure!